Tät.nu research project

The Tät® app was developed and evaluated as part of the Tät.nu research project Tät.nu research project at Umeå University. Development of the app had already started in 2010 in cooperation with ITS at Umeå University in Sweden. At that time, some of the researchers had a few years of experience with an internet program that had been built to treat leakage triggered by coughing, jumping or exertion. eHealth was new back then. Much has happened since. The number of health-related apps has exploded, but very few have been evaluated in clinical trials.

The Tät app is a medical device and the CE mark means that the app has a demonstrated clinical benefit and fulfils all regulatory safety and performance requirements.

The app has been evaluated in several different scientific studies, in two different doctoral theses and in international reviews. Women who used the app for three months had reduced leakage and increased quality of life compared with a control group that did not use the app, and the improvements remained over the long term. The app has also been evaluated in a health-economics study and in an interview study. Click here to read more about the research behind the app

There are several researchers working within the research project; Malin Sjöström, Emma Nyström and Ina Asklund have all completed their doctoral degrees as part of the project. Eva Samuelsson has led the research since the start of the project in 2008. It is these four people who have started up the company eContinence. Towe Wadensten is a doctoral student within the project, and is expected to complete her degree in 2023.

Research regarding the Tät® app is now complete, but research into e-health and other apps is ongoing within the project, click here to find out more.

If you would like to find out more about the research that provides the foundation to the different sections of the Tät app, you can read more about the evidence for the efficacy of the Tät app here, about evidence for the efficacy of pelvic floor exercises here and about the significance of lifestyle habits here.