Based on Swedish research

Tät® – Effective treatment of urinary leakage

Do you leak urine when you cough, jump or exert yourself? We bring you a medical self-treatment option that has been proven to be effective through 10 years of research. Everything you need in a smart format. Try the app for seven days, completely free of charge.

Increased quality of life for women all over the world

Urinary leakage is a public health issue that affects a lot of people. It is particularly common in women, with one in four suffering. Our aim is to strengthen women all over the world through the Tät® app, and it has already been used in more than 100 countries. Find out more about our work.

Different levels
of training

The programme contains four types of contractions and twelve exercises with increasing levels of intensity and difficulty.

Reminders and support

You can set daily reminders for your training. The exercises are supported by informative graphics and sound. 


Statistics and feedback

The calendar function in the app gives you an overview of how much you've trained. You’ll receive clear feedback based on your own training goals.

Certified medical device

The CE mark means that the app has a demonstrated clinical benefit and fulfils all regulatory safety and performance requirements.

Training programme proven to be effective

The Tät® app is unique in the market in that its efficacy in treating urinary leakage upon exertion has been verified in clinical trials. Several research trials have been carried out by Sweden’s Umeå University. Nine out of ten women that were treated via the app for three months experienced improvements, compared with two out of ten in the control group. Click here to see the detailed results.

In women treated with the app,
compared with the control group.

Guidance content

Knowledge is important to get the most out of the training. That’s why the app contains information about the physiology of the pelvic floor, causes of urine leakage, a review of how to perform pelvic floor contractions, and a section on how our lifestyle habits can affect and be affected by involuntary urine leakage. Specific information is available for women who are pregnant, have recently given birth or have a prolapse.

Safe and simple

Treating urine leakage significantly improves quality of life. Many people with urine leakage don’t ask for medical help or don’t receive the help they need. We want to change that. Through the Tät app, more women are able to get access to qualified self-treatment while at home, without having to contact medical services. The app is highly ranked in international reviews and has existed for 7 years. It is available in 8 languages and has been used by more than 200,000 women.

“I often tell patients about the app, it is easy to use and provides a good structure for training. I am happy to recommend the Tät® app as it is based on research.”
Emma Breivik
Qualified nurse, Urotherapist
Östersund hospital, Sweden

Get started today

App-based training makes it easy to get started with training when it suits you.

You can try it for free for 7 days. The free version of the app contains the first three exercises and information about urine leakage. Premium gives you access to all the features. 

The team behind the app

eContinence was founded by doctors and researchers from Sweden’s Umeå University who participated in the development of the Tät® app. Find out more about us and our research here.

Eva Samuelsson

CEO of eContinence AB
Professor and specialist in Family Medicine

Emma Nyström

Dr. Med and Resident physician of Family Medicine

Ina Asklund

Dr. Med and specialist in Family Medicine

Malin Sjöström

Associate professor and specialist in Family Medicine

Fredrik Jonsson

Head of Sales and Business Development/QA