eContinence: The company behind the Tät® app

Millions of people all over the world restrict how they live their lives due to urinary leakage. Our team is driven by the desire to make simple and effective treatment available to everybody, regardless of where you live.

Founded in 2021, the med-tech company eContinence AB was created by a team of doctors and researchers who had worked together in the research project Tä at Umeå University in Sweden. The purpose of this research project was to develop, evaluate and implement an e-health application for the treatment of urinary incontinence. The Tät app was the first incontinence treatment app in the world to be scientifically evaluated in clinical trials, and it has received great attention from the incontinence research community internationally.

Research regarding the Tät® app is now complete, and the eContinence team is now managing and building on our work so that the app continues to be available and to develop. Feel free to contact us.  

Eva Samuelsson

CEO of eContinence AB
Professor and specialist in Family Medicine

Emma Nyström

Dr. Med and Resident physician of Family Medicine

Ina Asklund

Dr. Med and specialist in Family Medicine

Malin Sjöström

Associate professor and specialist in Family Medicine

Fredrik Jonsson

Head of Sales and Business Development/QA

What does tät mean?

The word “tät” (pronounced “tett” in Swedish) means “leakproof” in the context of incontinence.

In fact, “tät” has many meanings. On its own it means impenetrable or “-proof” and it is usually added to other words to create an adjective, such as leakproof above. Another example could be a jacket that is “vattentät” waterproof, and in plumbing, a water pipe that is “tät” is sealed well, it does not drip.

Important milestones


  • The Tät® app is released in a new version with new functions. The app is used by many women for pelvic floor muscle training during pregnancy and after childbirth. This is supported by research.


  • The award ”Innovation Champions of the year”, Region Jämtland Härjedalen goes to our team.
  • New content and features make the Tät® app even better.  It is released as a free version and as a Premium version. It is intended to treat urinary leakage triggered by exertion.
  • Regional innovation support received from Region Jämtland Härjedalen in Sweden.
  • Winner of Umeå University’s/Nordea’s innovation award for creating value from research (Eva Samuelsson).


  • Umeå Universitet Holding invests in eContinence AB.
  • Winner of Sigrid Strand’s award for female innovators (Eva Samuelsson).
  • The company is accepted into the Uminova innovation incubator in Umeå.
  • eContinence AB, Östersund is registered in July 2021.
  • The Tät® app is CE-marked as a class I medical device, under MDR 2017/745.
  • The Tät® app is audited and recommended by SALAR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions).


  • The project participates in the verification program that Umeå University offers to researchers via its Innovation Office, with continuous support from innovation advisors and business coaches.


  • The Tät® app is recommended by Nikola (a network for bladder and intestinal dysfunction in Sweden) as well as healthcare centres, maternity departments and clinics all over Sweden.


  • Three doctoral theses and 21 scientific articles have been published within the research project, financed through national, regional and local fundings. One internet programme and three apps have been developed and evaluated within the project.


  • The trademark Tät is registered.


  • The research project Tä at Umeå University, Sweden, is founded by Eva Samuelsson and Göran Umefjord. The aim is to develop, evaluate and implement e-health for treatment of urinary incontinence.

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